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Lunatic Left eats its own: Transgender pink wig-wearing YouTube star accused of African cultural appropriation… HUH?

A biological male who thinks he’s a female of Mexican and Asian descent is the latest target of lunatic leftists who are accusing this he-she of “appropriating” black culture with its unusual fashion choices.

“Nikita Dragun,” who currently has around 2.3 million Instagram followers and another 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube, drew ire from fellow LGBT fanatics after posing in a photo wearing a pink wig. While pretending to lick a giant puff of cotton candy in the shot, Nikita is seen donned in what appears to be salmon-colored dreadlocks, which apparently represents theft of native black culture.

Besides just the wig, Nikita is also seen in the photo wearing Harajuku attire, which some leftists might also argue represents Japanese cultural appropriation. It was a similar Asian outfit, after all, that landed a Utah teenager in the news over the very same “controversy,” as her Asian-inspired prom dress choice got her accused of being racist.

But in that instance, the girl who wore the Asian dress was straight, making her an easy target of the left. In this case, Nikita is a minority transgender person who one would assume gains automatic protection from other LGBT leftists – but this obviously isn’t the case.

“Really cute, but your hairstyle is definitely appropriation,” one leftist commenter wrote in response to the photo. The inference, of course, is that unless Dragun is at least part black, she has no business sporting locs – even though many white people have what you might call “nappy” hair that, if styled appropriately, can also be made into dreadlocks.

“Ur [sic] just fully appropriating,” wrote another commenter in semi-English slang. “Nikita I love you but I hate the dreads! Not cool. That’s what cultural appropriation looks like.”

Styling one’s hair into “cornrows” is apparently also racist

This isn’t the first time that Nikita has come under fire for hair styles that some say belong only on black people’s heads. Another photo of Nikita with what looked to be “cornrows,” a hair style often adopted by black people, created its own firestorm of controversy from people who say that the transgender shouldn’t have chosen this look.

The 22-year-old gender dysphoric was similarly accused of racism over this incident, with some people, presumably blacks, saying that it was “disgusting” and “not cute.” Even though Nikita had been attending the infamous Coachella music festival when the photo was taken – attendees wear all sorts of crazy clothing and hairstyles to Coachella, it’s important to note – Nikita’s critics didn’t skip a beat in screaming “APPROPRIATION!” the moment the photo was uploaded to social media.

Hilariously, some have come to Nikita’s defense, not by calling out the cultural appropriation police for being insanely ridiculous, but by claiming that Nikita’s hairstyle in the most recent photo wasn’t actually dreadlocks. Some are calling the hairstyle “twists,” which they say “hold no cultural value” and are thus permissible.

Since when did it become “racist” or “inappropriate” to adopt another culture’s fashion sense or hairstyle anyway? Almost everything that people do is appropriated from somewhere – heck, these black critics’ use of social media is cultural appropriation, seeing as how black people didn’t invent either the internet or social media platforms that they’re now using to grill other people like Nikita for apparently “stealing” their cultural relics.

Black people also drive cars made by companies that they didn’t create, using technologies that they didn’t invent. All of this and more represents major cultural appropriation that apparently needs to be called out publicly for representing black racism against non-black culture. After all, we can’t have double standards, right?

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