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Ivy League campus holds “fat-positive” event because feeling GOOD about being fat is more important than getting fit, apparently

Later this week, Princeton University’s Women’s Center will be holding a dinner event for “fat identified” students in an “accepting and supportive environment,” according to the event’s webpage.

“The goal of the event is to have a conversation with students to discuss potential future programming focused on body size and body image,” explained Jordan Dixon, program coordinator for the Princeton Women’s Center. In an email to LifeZette, Dixon explained that student interest in the event will help to determine whether or not the dinner will be held on a regular basis.

The social media response to this event has mostly been mixed, with many people poking fun at the fact that the event is food-centric and others expressing concern that the event will promote obesity.

“Being fat is not achievement or a social justice cause, it’s a result of bad lifestyle choices,” wrote Paul Joseph Johnson on Twitter. Another user tweeted, “Princeton University’s health center is putting on a ‘fat positive dinner.’ You do recognize how contradictory this is with the university philosophy & responsibility to recommend weight loss and healthy eating habits. Right?? Mixed messages here.”

While they may not have explicitly described it this way, it’s obvious what Princeton University’s Women’s Center is trying to do by holding this event: They’re trying to put a spin on unhealthy eating habits and obesity by encouraging students to celebrate being overweight. It’s a common theme that we see time and time again from the social justice warriors – slap a happy face on everything and call it a day. (Related: Feminists are now calling for science to be turned into a social justice propaganda machine.)

This isn’t the first time that the liberals have tried to put a politically correct spin on obesity, however. Late last year, two professors at Oregon State University published an academic article alleging that gym instructors and personal trainers who work with overweight people are guilty of perpetuating “fat oppression” and “anti-fat bias.”

The article, which was written by professors Vicki Ebbeck and Shannon Austin and published in the journal Fat Studies, argues that exercise is “often promoted as a way to manage, control or manipulate body weight,” and therefore, fitness instructors are guilty of fat oppression when they work with people to help them get down to a healthy weight. (Related: Social justice reaches a whole new level of stupid as fitness coaches are now being condemned for perpetuating fat oppression.)

Ebbeck and Austin explain that there are a number of ways in which fitness instructors perpetuate fat oppression, which may include encouraging clients to “burn that fat” during a workout, or telling them that maintaining a normal weight is “important to one’s health.” Astonishingly, the authors even argue that fitness instructors perpetuate anti-fat bias even if their client explicitly tells them that their goal is to lose weight, which of course is nonsensical.

It goes without saying that no matter how hard you try to spin the issue of obesity to make it seem “not that bad,” or worse, something that should be celebrated, the fact of the matter is that being overweight simply isn’t healthy. The fact that Princeton University is holding an event that teaches students otherwise is extremely unfortunate.

Furthermore, given the fact that our colleges and universities are becoming more and more wrapped up in political correctness and social justice, it’s worth asking the following question: How far is this going to go? Will the liberals ever realize that it’s impossible to create a society where nobody ever gets offended, or will they continue their progressive movement and destroy our country in the process? Sadly, the answer is likely the latter.

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