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Libtard professor: Black people can’t be racist, by definition

All white people are inherently racist, but black people are never racist because it’s impossible for anyone who’s not white to be racist. This is the racist viewpoint of Ted Thornhill, Ph.D., a brown-skinned professor of sociology at Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers.

In a recent editorial he wrote for The Conversation entitled, “Why I teach a course called ‘White Racism,'” Thornhill argues that having white skin means a person has certain privileges that people with non-white skin don’t. It’s a belief system that he’s been teaching his students for decades, along with his latest claim that black people can’t be racist.

“The most common complaint about my course that I’ve encountered thus far is that anybody can be racist,” Thornhill writes. “They ask indignantly: What about ‘black racism’? … My answer is: There is no such thing as black racism.”

White people, on the other hand, are violent colonists who all throughout history “practiced all manner of inhumanity against non-whites.” He lists “genocide, slavery, murder, rape, torture, theft, chicanery, segregation, discrimination, intimidation, internment, humiliation and marginalization” as the most prominent examples of white racism.

The left-leaning rag Salon was quick to republish Thornhill’s anti-white manifesto, which is filled with derogatory labels and claims against people with white skin. Thornhill is not only convinced that white people are basically evil based on the color of their skin, but he’s apparently also proud to hold this stance, and loves to talk about it whenever given the chance.

“Whether a course is titled ‘White Racism,’ or ‘The Problem of Whiteness,’ or any other appropriate term, in no way diminishes the academic legitimacy of the course,” Thornhill says in defense of his curriculum, which includes coursework with titles like:

“‘If People Stopped Talking about Race, It Wouldn’t be a Problem Anymore’: Silencing the Myth of a Color-Blind Society.”

White taxpayers are paying for Ted Thornhill to teach their children that white people are evil

Thornhill points to work by other racists like Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, president of the American Sociological Association, in defense of his anti-white position. Thornhill insists that, because there are a handful of other people out there who hate white people as much as he does, their shared viewpoints are automatically valid due to his personal perception of consensus on the matter.

“I am in no way the only one who holds this view,” Thornhill argues, adding that there’s a “difference between having prejudiced views about other people and having a system that gives systemic privilege to some groups.”

When black people commit crimes or oppress others, in other words, it’s detached from a system of privilege like what whites have, according to Thornhill. Thus, black people can do whatever they want and never be racist, even when they rape, murder, and chop to pieces innocent white people for fun.

“Indeed, blacks did not develop and benefit from a centuries-old comprehensive system of racial oppression comprised of laws, policies, practices, traditions, and an accompanying ideology – one that promotes the biological, intellectual, and cultural superiority of whites to dominate other groups,” says Thornhill, ignoring another inconvenient fact that more black people have been enslaved by other black people (and “people of color”) than by white people.

Keep in mind that Thornhill is currently being paid to teach anti-white racism in the classroom using taxpayer money, a large portion of which comes from white people. In other words, white people are inadvertently paying Thornhill to teach the next generation that white people are evil, and black and other colored people are good.

When asked to explain himself by Campus Reform, Thornhill apparently couldn’t be bothered to comment.

Sources for this article include:

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