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Most left-wing protesters live with mom and dad

You ever wonder how all those young people have all that free time to go to protests, camp out at Occupy Wall Street, sit around at demonstrations against oil pipelines and GMO firms?
(Article by Joseph Curl from
While no one in the U.S. has bothered to ask the kids just how they afford all that free time, a newspaper in Germany studied 873 suspects who were investigated by authorities for a decade, between 2003 and 2013. You’ll never guess what they found. (Yes you will.)
More than 9 out of 10 of the political protesters (92 percent) live with their parents, with a third unemployed. Eighty-four percent were young men — the usual age was 21 to 24 — with 16 percent women, the Bild newspaper wrote. 
And their political views are, of course, hyper liberal.
“Most politically motivated violent crimes come from the left-wing scene,” Interior Senator Frank Henkel told the paper.
Who are the victims?
902 violent acts (59 per cent) are directed against persons. Four out of five against policemen.
15 percent against right-wing extremes.
In the case of violence against objects, car fires are the most common offense with 62 percent. In 58 cases police cars were lit.
Between 2009 and 2013, the Bild report found, left-wing assassins attempted to commit 11 murders.
No one has yet conducted such a study in the U.S., but under the Obama economy, a huge numbers of kids were forced to move back in with their parents, unable to find jobs. That might explain why they have so much free time to protest — and it also might explain why some of them voted against the Democrat this time around.
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