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University of Iowa created an actual ‘Social Justice Warrior’ bachelor degree

In one of the dumbest moves in recent history, the University of Iowa announced that they had created a bachelor’s program in the department of social justice, meaning that roughly four years from now, people will be graduating from their university with bachelor’s degrees in being a social justice warrior.

It doesn’t get much more hilarious or ridiculous than that, guys.

For the past decade or so, many Americans have been outspoken about the fact that college degrees no longer mean as much as they used to, and the University of Iowa seems to be doing their part in proving all of those people right. After all, what exactly does an education in social justice prepare on for in the real world? Unless you’re preparing for a career in politics and working for the Democratic National Committee, it seems like a laughable useless degree.

While this may seem like a moronic event that can be laughed off and dismissed — and it absolutely can — it also signals one of the biggest problems facing American society today. Collectively, we continue to acknowledge this social justice insanity as being legitimate. Instead of passing it off as being self-important nonsense from a bunch of basement-dwelling losers who contribute nothing to society, we regularly treat it as gospel. That’s a big issue.

In this age of outrage, it’s clear why the University of Iowa is pandering towards the social justice crowd. Colleges have to make money in order to stay afloat, so sucking money out of the pockets of foolish, overeager teenagers looking to acquire a sheet of worthless paper that shows how morally superior they are to everyone around them isn’t a bad business idea.

Still, it’s a bit gross to see respected universities treating the politically correct, social justice mobs with any sort of respect or legitimacy. They should be acknowledging these people are idiots unfit to attend their university instead of welcoming them by pandering to their desires.

This is what the apocalypse actually looks like. It isn’t fire and rubble — at least not at first — it’s actually mediocrity and insanity. By constantly lowering the prestigiousness of everything in order to include everyone completely shatters what the democracy of America is all about. We are a country that was founded on hard work, so to see it develop into a laughing stock thanks to these crybabies is nothing short of heart-wrenching.

The next generations need to be taught to attain necessary, valuable skills that allow them to contribute to society and improve the overall quality of life in this country. Instead, they’re being taught to be professional victims with nothing smart to say and no skills to speak of.



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