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Return to Jim Crow: California state university to introduce segregated housing

In a truly backwards decision, California State University has chosen to provide segregated housing for black students attending the university under the guise of providing them with “safe spaces.”

Ben Kew of Breitbart reports, “The decision to provide segregated accommodations comes just nine months after the university’s Black Student Union presented a list of demands to the university’s authorities to challenge what they perceived as endemic racial discrimination.”

The aforementioned list of demands is almost laughably egregious, featuring things like a $30 million endowment for black students, mandatory cultural competency training and increased ethnic studies courses. As usual, the authoritarian leftists want the world to be halted in their attempt to receive special treatment so that they don’t actually have to put forth real effort to improve their lives.

The entire ideological worldview that comes along with liberalism seems to be allergic to hard work and honesty, so those who join their political cult constantly demand that everyone else in the world do their jobs for them.

Even stranger, though, is the fact that they don’t see the irony of this entire situation. It wasn’t that long ago that segregation was a very real problem in America — a problem that black people across the country fought tooth and nail to solve. Now, oddly enough, those who have been brainwashed are fighting for segregation.

Hilariously, many leftists have actually supported this decision, claiming that such an action helps make marginalized people feel more secure and safe from the evils of the oppressing parties of the world. The Regressive Left’s attack on the black community is being passed off as a respectful attempt at mending fences, when in reality, it’s more like the modern equivalent of the Jim Crow laws.

Perhaps the worst result of this situation is that it promotes the idea that black people are victims that need to be protected — generally by holier-than-thou white people in positions of power. It is not a healthy mindset to pass onto anyone, much less college-aged people going through their formative years.

This generation — regardless of race, religion, or gender — needs to toughen up and start paying more attention to the real problems going on in the world instead of finding nonissues to get upset about and offended by. During a time when people are being murdered in the streets by radical extremists, complaining about how “microaggressions” hurt your feelings seems almost humorously moronic.

We need to stop pretending that the members of the Regressive Left are some sort of heroes or moral authority on anything. They are the true racists here and should be acknowledged and treated as such.



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