Leftist students at George Mason University protest Justice Brett Kavanaugh giving virtual guest lecture, say his presence on-screen threatens their “mental health”

Just like Pavlov’s dogs, a contingent of libtarded students enrolled at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, lashed out in triggered protest recently after it was announced that Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh had been hired on as a visiting law professor at the Washington, D.C.-area institution.

Wrapping tape around their mouths and holding up protest signs, these brain-dead undergrads reportedly screeched their loudest in opposition to Kavanaugh’s hiring within the faculty of GMU’s Antonin Scalia Law School, clinging to the long-debunked conspiracy theory that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted Christine Blasey Ford more than three decades ago.

Though Ford’s testimony was quickly discredited and exposed as completely fraudulent – her entire #MeToo narrative collapsing like a massive house of cards within a matter of days – some GMU students still believe her, no matter the evidence. And they’re now trying to run Justice Kavanaugh through the ringer a second time based on their deranged belief that he’s somehow still guilty of Ford’s false allegations against him.

“As a survivor of sexual assault, this decision has really impacted me negatively,” stated one female student during the public comment portion of a recent on-campus meeting about the school’s decision to hire Justice Kavanaugh. “It is affecting my mental health knowing that an abuser will be part of our faculty,” she slanderously added.

Three other female students echoed the first female student’s sentiments with their own comments about how Justice Kavanaugh’s hiring “threatens the mental well-being of all survivors on this campus.”

These four females reportedly created their own on-campus group called “Mason 4 Survivors,” which circulated a petition demanding that GMU “terminate AND void ALL contracts and affiliation with Brett Kavanaugh at George Mason University,” which as of this writing has some 3,300 signatures.

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What part of NOT GUILTY do these libtards not understand?

As part of a public protest that took place on the campus quad, these four, along with other GMU students who joined them on the triggered bandwagon, demonstrated their anger by defacing a George Mason statue. Video footage shows the deranged students attaching blue tape to the statue’s mouth, as well as putting anti-Kavanaugh signs into the statue’s hands – because that’ll show ’em!

The level of immaturity on display is stunning in and of itself. But what’s perhaps even more disturbing is the fact that these triggered individuals were never able to process that, despite rigorous investigations and inquiry in the matter, there was never even a shred of evidence procured to show that Justice Kavanaugh was in any way guilty of Ford’s accusations against him.

To the contrary, it was Ford’s testimony that was proven to be a complete myth, as almost none of what she claimed under oath could be corroborated with actual evidence. Furthermore, Ford’s claim that she couldn’t fly, for instance, and that she had installed a second door on her home as an “escape” route, were similarly proven false.

In other words, not a single allegation that Ford made against Justice Kavanaugh could be proven true – and yet, these Leftist dimwits have convinced themselves that he’s still guilty, which is presumably just another symptom of their Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS).

“Three FBI and two Senate investigations found nothing,” wrote one commenter at The College Fix. “I’m sure these four self-ascribed mental cases will get it vetted out,” he added, jokingly.

“It is a disgrace that Mason allows these disgusting beings to pollute with their hatred and dishonesty a hitherto respectable school,” wrote another. “They call themselves ‘survivors’ yet exhibit the morals, the respect for the law/presumption of innocence, the irredeemable sociopathy of serial rapists/murderers.”

“Shame on ‘Mason for Fake ‘Survivors,’ on the school which irresponsibly admitted this dangerous rubbish, and especially on the depraved parents who raised them to be liars, aggressors, and dedicated crooks.”

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